About The Summit

“India HR Summit & Awards 2020” with the theme “Moving Towards the Next Gen HR” seeks to provide a platform for industry stakeholders to work out a road map for unleashing the true potential of the Business. The discussions at the forum would focus on the ongoing changes including the evolution in the Workforce Industry, People Management, Digitization in Workforce etc.. with a view to understand the influence of these developments on business and explore the need for operations excellence; new Strategies and a pool of next gen leaders to sustain high growth in the present changing Working Environment.

About The Industry

The Working population in India is increasingly fluent in its use of technology. As younger generations begin to enter the workforce, HR is responding not only to the intrinsically technological ways we learn and communicate, but also to some of the more significant principles of the modern workforce, including a focus on wellbeing. The role of the Human Resources Leader is more important than any other time and has become one of providing strategic positioning of people for competitive advantage as well as delivering day to day operational excellence. Having the right people in the right place at the right time with the right skills is critical to the organization’s success.


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India HR Summit & Awards 2020